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 Journal of Geoscience Yesterday to Today

Journal of Geosciences was founded in Autumn 1991. Now after 23 years of its existence and activity, the small plant of that time, has now become a young and robust tree. The first numbers of journal were published by tremendous efforts of our colleagues at that time and simultaneously insufficient numbers of received articles for the next issues were the concern of the editorial board. However, the presence of numerous earth science graduates and scientists during these years has initiated the quality and quantity of articles to increase day by day so that we are forced to the articles by applying meticulous contemplation. Consequently, the Journal was recognized and introduced as a top-grade scientific - research journal by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. In addition, further efforts in the global dimensions were also effective, so that the Journal has been categorized in the list of Georef journals.

Now the Scientific - Research Geosciences Quarterly has taken the first step to being indexed in ISI (marked in the Master List) and ISC and continues its route towards  an escalating development  and obtaining degrees and more reputation.

At present the number of published articles has reached to 20 to 25 per issue and sometimes to more than 200 pages and are printed with high quality; as, its first numbers included 9 articles and barely reached to 60-70 pages.  At the moment, the number of active subscribers to the Journal reaches to about 400 people.

Grantee: Geological Survey of Iran; president: Mr. Mohammad Taghi Korei, vice-president and member of editorial board: Dr. Mohammad Hashem Emami; Chief editor: Dr. Manouchehr Ghorashi; editorial board: Dr. Seyed Ali Aghanabati (associate professor, Geological Survey of Iran); Dr. Mohammad Hashem Emami (Associate professor, Geological Survey of Iran); Dr. Fereidoon Sahabi (Associate professor, Research Institute for Earth Sciences); Dr. Kazem Seyed Emami (professor, Tehran University); Dr. Saeed Alirezaei (Assistant professor, Shahid Beheshti University); Dr. Manouchehr Ghorashi (Associate Professor, Geological Survey of Iran); Dr. Mohammad Reza Gheitanchi (professor, Institute of Geophysics); Dr. Hossein Memarian (Professor, Tehran University); and Dr. Mohammad Vali Valizadeh (Professor, Tehran University); Dr. hamid Nazari (Associate professor, Research Institute for Earth Sciences)

 Internal manager:Mostafa Shahrabi; Mrs. Maryam Talebi (diploma degree); Mrs. Narges Ghamami (MSc. degree)

Colleagues working with the office of Earth Science Quarterly are

Maryam Talebi (diploma)

Mrs. Narges Ghamami (M.Sc.)

 Mrs. Zeinab Manouchehri (M.Sc.)

 Mrs. Masoumeh Norouzi (M.Sc.)

 Mrs. Naeimeh Moussavi (M.Sc.)

We predict in our day, days and coming years stability and growing progress for Quarterly, and we are confident that the next generation would be satisfied with the performance of the Scientific Quarterly Journal of Geosciences and we will do all the best for its promotion and  advancement.

 hoping those days